Monday, March 28, 2011

Ross & McDonald Wedding Newburgh North Fife

Ross & McDonald Wedding Newburgh North Fife, the ceremony was conducted by The Rev Lynn Brady in Abdie Parish Church.
The name of this parish, Abdie or Ebtie, is supposed to be the Gaelic word abtaob signifying waterside. The ancient name of the parish was Lindores, which is still the name of the principal village in it, a place of great antiquity. The church of Abdie was always reckoned to have belonged to the abbey of Lindores. In 1633, the whole of the parish of Newburgh was disjoined from Abdie. The old church, which is now in ruins, may be traced to the beginning of the fifteenth century. There are also the ruins of old Lindores castle. The present church was built in 1827.

Nearly getting to the church on time.

Clip clop arrival.

Singing Lord of the Dance.

Nearly done and dusted.


Happy Ross's

Bride-maids and Best-man.

Onlooker, seen it all before.

Ross & McDonald Wedding Abdie Church by Newburgh North Fife

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