Thursday, March 24, 2011

Krill Oil

Krill Oil, in my search for a diet supplement to enhance my flagging mental falculties I purchased some online from America. Already I am experiencing gognitive benefits. If you live anywhere outside USA then buy from a more local supplier. I suffered the imposition of added postal charges in America plus the UK and import duties which added another 30% on the purchase price, none of which were expected, so I wont be going there again. The only way to know how this product benefits is to taste it and see. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have no financial gain if you click on the link below but I am happy if others gain benefit and a brighter life.

Image from SUNY Stonybrook's Marine Science Research Center

Superba Krill Oil Extract 500mg 60 Capsules - 1000mg Per Serving
by Troo Health Care
Troo Health Care Superba Krill Oil Capsules are made in the UK using the finest sourced and freshest Krill Oil on the market. Krill Oil is set to be the next "must have supplement" and is tipped as possibly becoming more widely used than Omega! Experts say Krill Oil is 48 x more potent than Omega Oils! Despite their small size - one to five centimeters in length - krill make up the largest animal biomass on the planet.
Superba Krill On Arthritis ...
BioMarine has announced the publication of a new study on its proprietary ingredient Superba (TM) Krill Oil, demonstrating a significant reduction in rheumatoid arthritis scores in an experimental animal model (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2010, 11:136). Superba (TM) Krill Oil provides the majority of the omega-3 fatty acids in the form of phospholipids, whereas fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids exclusively in the form of triglycerides. The study also demonstrated that fish oil too showed positive effects, but was less potent than Superba (TM) Krill Oil.
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Buy here:- Superba Krill Oil Extract 500mg 60 Capsules - 1000mg Per Serving
Krill Oil 500mg
Premium Omega 3 and Antioxidant
Krill oil has received a great deal of attention recently and is the supplement that everyone is talking about.
Formally known as Euphausia superba, krill oil is a pure and natural source of omega 3 which also provides the antioxidant astaxanthin. Antioxidants work within the body to neutralise free-radicals and thus it is the presence of astaxanthin that sets krill oil apart from traditional fish oils. Krill oil also provides high levels of substances collectively known as phospholipids; a fundamental component of human cell membranes.
Healthspan's Krill Oil is sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries in the Antarctic through our partners Aker BioMarine™ who work with World Wildlife Foundation Norway to ensure sustainable krill harvesting.

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