Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memory-Boosting Effect of Bacopa Monnieri: A Clinical Study

Increasingly I experience those senior moments where memory recall is not what it used to be. In researching possible antidotes I came across this publication. Bacopa Monnieri can be grown at home and can surely benefit ones mental health.

Memory-Boosting Effect of Bacopa Monnieri: A Clinical Study.

At present, many classical and patent formulations, which contain herbal and mineral drugs, are available as memory boosters. However, Aindri (Bacopa monnieri) has been in use since the prehistoric times as a nerve tonic for rejuvenating mental health and enhancing memory. This wonder drug has been mentioned by ancient sages, medical men in almost all social, medical and religious treatises of the world. Ayurveda has more than one reference of this plant for the enhancement of memory and mental agility of mankind. The famous Ayurvedic text Charak Samhita refers to this plant as Medhya Rasayan and for curing mental retardation leading to psychosis. Similarly, Sushruta has also described this drug as Medhya Rasayan. In the texts of later period like Astanga Sangraha and Hridaya,Bhavprakash and Yogratnakara, this drug has been mentioned in a similar way. Therefore, it is clear that Aindri is a well-established memory booster. Keeping in view the above property of this wonder plant, this book has been written on the basis of a clinical study planned to advocate and standardize an effective Ayurvedic formulation as a memory booster.
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Now you too can optimize your brainpower with this ancient Asian herb! Used for centuries by Ayurvedic herbalists to support memory and mental focus, Bacopa Monniera contains natural phytonutrients known as bacosides. These enhance the activity of vital neurotransmitters in the brain involved in information processing and memorization. You can improve your mental focus and enhance your short-term memory today with this time-proven herb.
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