Thursday, March 03, 2011

HM Frigate Unicorn Dundee

A wee trip to Dundee yesterday and a visit to the docks. Access is not as open as it used to be but there is still much to see.

His Majesty’s Frigate UNICORN, of 46 guns, was built for the Royal Navy in Chatham dockyard, and she was launched in 1824.
The classic sailing frigate was a fast and powerful warship, and was one of the most successful and charismatic ship designs of the age.
UNICORN is a unique survivor from the brief transitional period between the traditional wooden sailing ship and the revolutionary iron steamship, and is now one of the six oldest ships left in the world.
Step on board this historic Warship and travel back in time to the days when Britannia ruled the waves.

Ships are essentially nomadic and rarely have ‘homes’; indeed their whole purpose is to travel. So when the time comes for a working ship to retire there may be no obvious final site for her.
Unicorn, on the other hand, is most unusual amongst big ships in having a ‘home’. She spent her entire working life in one port, Dundee, has now been here 136 years, and is now firmly embedded in Dundee’s social and maritime history.

Hire Unicorn for Weddings, Corporate and Private Events

HM Frigate Unicorn is available for private hire and provides an impressive and extraordinarily memorable venue for your special event.

That Special Event…

Make YOUR event special onboard HM Frigate Unicorn. Your guests will love the experience of drinking, dining and dancing onboard on of the World’s few authentic ‘wooden walls’ and you can be certain that your event will remain distinct in their memories.

Unicorn Dundee at berth in Victoria Dock.

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