Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Celebration of Harvey Holton Scots Poet

In Celebration of Harvey Holton Scots Poet
I first met Harvey when I moved to North Fife in 1979, we became good friends and enjoyed many convivial, sometimes merry, sometimes deeply conversational times over the years. Latterly we were to collaborate in creative projects, Harvey's poetry, my pictures, alas this was not to be. Not everything in life turns out. Like many creative people his skills and production will be only now fully recognised, albeit posthumously.

Harvey Holton at home a few years past.

Twin brother Brian Holton and Yang Lian Chinese Poet remember Harvey at Stanza, Scotland's International Poetry Festival, St Andrews. Entitled "Past and Present"

More on Harvey.

The empty chair. I am sad.

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Catherine said...

Hi Peter, still following your blog after moving away - miss Newburgh! So sorry to read about the death of your friend.