Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Samye-Ling tea party 2010

The Stupa at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre Eskdalemuir Scotland.

Ken Holmes flanked by Lama Yeshey and Akong Rinpoche announces the opening of the tea party in the doorway of the Stupa.

Stop that man.

Sponge, fresh cream, fresh fruits cake.
This year is the 40th anniversary of Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre. Each year in August all are invited to visit, have a look around and enjoy. This year the emphasis was on anniversary and birthdays. Akong Rinpoche invited those born in August to come forward, maybe about 20 of us to be regaled with the happy birthday song followed by everyone singing to Sherab Palden Beru in honour of his 99th birthday. A very moving and happy moment.

Lets all eat birthday cake.

Sherab's cake. Dark chocolate, fresh cream with fruits, stunning.

Sherab cutting his birthday cake aided by Akong Rinpoche with Yanchen.

Sherab Palden Beru 35 years ago in his studio at Samye Ling at work on a thanka of Guru Rinpoche. All of Sherabs paintings were applied using natural pigments which he would grind fresh in small pestle and mortars. His students use acrylic paints though rabbit glue for the application of pure gold is still used in the traditional way. Sherab is a master artist and Samye Ling would not be the rich repository of Tibetan art, iconography and design without his knowledge, example and teaching.

A beautiful stained glass window ready to be installed in the East gateway of Samye-Ling Temple complex.
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Richard said...

That old black and white photo of Sherab in his studio brings back old memories for me.

Sherab's studio was one of the front rooms of the old manor house; actually it was the first room on the left right past the front door.

I slept in Sherab's studio for about three weeks during the 1st year Samye Ling opened in the late 1960s, because there a dearth of living space. I also was honored by being allowed to sleep in the meditation room for a while.

That was well before Rinpoche's accident. It was a wondrous time for me. One that I will never forget.