Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harvest North Fife 2010

It's that time of the year. Here in North Fife it's a good year, not too hot or dry, brilliant growing weather it even conveniently rained mostly at night or short daytime warm showers. Increasingly there is wise pressure to grow our own foods, zero food miles and it will be very fresh.

Harvest. This beautifully illustrated book by bestselling gardening author Meredith Kirton will inspire you to grow and harvest your own seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, whether your garden is a large suburban block, a small city courtyard, or in the country. You'll learn all about the basics of successful edible gardening - from climate, soil and propagation to pests and diseases, crop rotation and organic gardening - as well as how to grow a huge range of edibles that include old favourites, heirloom varieties and exotics. Full of tips, step-by-step gardening techniques and fascinating historical background, Harvest is your definitive guide to growing your own delicious produce. Key points: Perfectly timed to meet the global shift towards the home-grown and home-made; contains both organic and non-organic methods so the home gardener can make an informed choice; written with a seasonal focus and to encompass a broad range of climates and environments.

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