Sunday, August 08, 2010

North Fife August 7th

Wild Allium flowers. I've travelled this road for more than 30 years and have never noticed a 40 Metre stretch of these delicate blooms. There is so much to see anywhere except that we are normally in a blind hurry, when the oil runs out and we're walking say, maybe we have a better chance of appreciating our world.

Humblebee once called because they hum, modern usage has them as bumblebees, anyway here on wayside scabious flowers.

Looking North West over the silvery Tay, August 7th on my way home, I just can't resist a photo.

Clouds over Flisk North Fife. Occasionally over the last few days dumping a wee shower, fantastic growing weather.

My friend, we frequently meet in the garden, I discovered years ago that toads are quite territorial, this one lingers by the gate.

Studies of Wayside Flowers by John Ruskin.
To Buy now. Proserpina: Studies of Wayside Flowers
A hundred years or so ago in the Victorian Era people marvelled at the world and its richness, counted, classified and really looked. We can also have the same curiosity, get to love love what is seen and care for it.


Marysia said...

Glad to see you've finally got out of the Big Tent! Your photos of the Tay are making me homesick! M

Peter Mannox said...

I'm not out of the Big Tent yet. More to follow eventually