Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sea Eagles North Fife

Driving along slowly looking at how the blackberry bushes were doing on this back-road North Fife I came upon this rather large bird sitting on the roadway. I got closer, scrambled for my camera and clicked away, as one would. I have since discovered it is one of 16 White Tailed Sea Eagle being released in Fife. It had on its wings large yellow tags bearing the the letter C.

Larger than life it seemed, sitting there, ummmmm thought I.

The Eagle took off up the road it's wingspan almost equal to the road width.

Perched on the roadside stone wall.

Then the bird was off, all quite an unexpected happening and delight.


Kareen said...

Great photos Peter, you can fill in this form to report a sighting.


Alex said...

They are a lot bigger than you think,aren`t they ?
Wonderful birds.Had the pleasure of watching a few in the wild over on the west coast recently.