Thursday, August 19, 2010

Newburgh Boat Races 2010

Senior mens final.

Womens race.

Juniors Race

Senior heats.

Senior heats.

Happy return after a gruelling stint on the water.

Coastal rowing boat about to be experienced. Newburgh debut. More on the boat.

Clair and partner about to commit to the water.

Ladies get ready.

Jenna Marshall and Scott Loosemore winners of the ladies race,

Graham and Gavin Marshall winners of the Senior races.

Jack Johnson and Glen Carmichael with trophy for the fastest heat. Hard work to win, long work to make.

Sponsored by Bob Ross in remembrance of his father Tam, a cobbel boat builder for salmon fishing on the River Tay. It was built plank by plank, each part soldered in place. As a silversmith it was very testing but there you have it totally to scale.

The Newburgh Highland Games Flag unfurls to the setting sun.

Maid of the Tay Sets off into the sunset.


Marysia said...

Your photos make me homesick for Newburgh.
Looks like a good day.

Lauren said...

What amazing photos. Enjoyed.
from SA