Saturday, August 07, 2010

Newburgh 6th Aug North Fife

Today I took a break from processing the big tent material and wandered down to the water front and why not. There must be millions of wonderful places in this world to be, this just happens to be where I live, blessed. So far we have not had the extreme weather presently causing immense suffering in other parts of the world. In the tranquillity of my day, within there exists a deep unease and sadness with how it is for others.

Looking downstream of The River Tay to Dundee from Newburgh. The rise and fall of the tide is just under 4 Metres, at high water I would be drowning, standing where this picture was taken.

6th August down by the River Tay, low water tranquil and windless, at anchor floats The Maid of The Tay.

Above Newburgh North Fife on the lands of Parkhill Farm, etched into the ground is a Bear and Ragged Staff, heraldic signs for the Earl of Warwick who historically owned and was associated with Lindores Abbey which lies below. Every year it is lit by paraffin burners usually as part of a Newburgh celebration.

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