Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Tide Newburgh March 31st

Parkhill farm fields awash today 31st March. The ancient dyke built to keep water out is now keeping it in. The difference in water levels being about 3+ metres. From the the photograph you can see that the fields are of flood plain anyway and that none of this is new. Last night, the wind was strong off the East pushing the River Tay waters hard upstream. The waterside roads and dwellings were awash, boats lost and roads full of debris. Sandbags at doors, police in attendance to prevent frolicking children inadvertently coming to grief.
Compared to other weather related incidents it's all small beer. That's Newburgh March 30th 2010.

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Catherine said...

Some houses were flooded down by the shore in Newburgh. Glad we've missed the worst of it though. Scary stuff!