Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Annapurna Nepal

Nepal, a wonderful country to visit now the political changes have settled down. Below are a few photographs of my time there. When staying in Kathmandu I tried to fly to Mucktinath High in the Himalayas with the intention of walking largely downhill, in the event flights were not operable due to weather conditions. The alternative was to bus to Pokhara and then walk.
Trekking it's the only other way of getting almost anywhere and indeed virtually everything is carried on some ones back, even an ambulance is a basket on two legs.

This is temperate rain forest at about 6000 ft on the way back from almost reaching Tatopani.

This village had a very good hostel where trekkers can stay. Gangdruk has good views of the Annapurna range as just about everywhere does and constantly draws ones attention as you puff along the way.

Though early in the year a pea harvest had been dried on the stone roofs and then podded. The terraced fields in the region are very productive.

Gangdruk, Nepal as one approaches from the North.

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