Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clouds North Fife 2010

In a mostly cloudless sky today this wee wisp refracted light from the sun which stood about 60 minuets away.

Close by Buzzards flew overhead with their distinctive cry. These birds were not known in this area at all 15 years ago, now everywhere living mainly of road kills and can be seen perched on telephone wire poles and fence posts about one to the mile.

Higham woods on the way to Newburgh today. Much warmer than of late, nothing in leaf yet but there will be an explosion of growth soon. Most evenings along the way home I've spotted a white deer, with luck I may get a reasonable photograph to share.

Burning off the heather in Tayside as viewed from north fife. There were actually three separate plumes of smoke emanating from across the river Tay today.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear you spotted a white deer. We thought we were seeing things yesterday afternoon (March 20) when we saw a group of deer including a white one, in a field alongside the motorway near Glenfarg. It wasn't just pale, it was snowy white.

D&R, Monifieth, Angus