Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades

Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades. Holy war: Christianity versus Islam. Brutality, greed, honour, chivalry, the clink of chain mail, the clatter of hooves, and the call of the muezzin. Such are the stock ingredients of the Crusades. But to what extent do the stereotypes fit with the reality? In his remarkable new book, Jonathan Phillips explores this conflict of ideas, beliefs and cultures and shows both the contradictions and the diversity of holy war: friendships and alliances between Christians and Muslims; triumphs of diplomacy rather than the sword; the launch of crusades against Christians, and calls for jihads against Muslims. Phillips draws on contemporary writings - on chronicles, songs, sermons, travel diaries, letters, financial accounts and peace treaties - to throw a brilliant new lights on people and events we thought we knew well: the bloody conquest of Jerusalem in the First Crusade; the titanic struggle between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin; the breathtaking naivety of the Children's Crusade; and the ruthless suppression of the Knight's Templar. Less familiar but no less central are the stories of the intimidating and astute politician, Queen Melisende of Jerusalem; the fiery preacher, Al-Sulami; the Arab-speaking excommunicate and Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II. Over time the Crusades were directed against a variety of opponents: not only Muslims in the Middle East but against Cathar heretics, political enemies of the papacy, the Mongols, pagan tribes of northern Europe, and the Ottoman Turks. Although the notion of fighting for one's faith fell into disrepute in the Enlightenment, in a final chapter Jonathan Phillips traces the crusading impulse up to the present day - to George W. Bush's characterization of the war on terrorism as a crusade. Vivid, original and illuminating, "Holy Warriors" provides an unparalleled account of one of the great cultural, political and religious movements in world history. Buy now. Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades

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There are more than eight hundred billion people on this earth and there are 365 different religions in this world from which a few are famous and majority of religion are not famous to rest of world. From few famous religion five religions are very much famous (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jewish, Buddhism) and among all these five religions there are different kind of groups and every group claim that they are on right path e.g. in Christians some believe in that chariest is the only spirit in this world and other believe that chariest is not only one but there is an addition of holy mother then the power complete and same is the case in Hinduism some of them believe in different gods and so that they have conflicts between their religious groups and same is the case in Islam, Jewish and Buddhism. If we calculate sincerely with neutral mind then we find a fact that every group from any religion should be of between 10~20% of the world and considered that they are right and rest of the world 80~90% peoples are wrong. Every religion have its fantasy of revival of their religion and for this every religion has its character which is know by different names in different religions. And also have the concept of great evil and the war between evil and that character is known ascrusade war
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