Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegetable and Flower seeds

Now is the time to be acting upon those thoughts of sowing vegetable seeds. I thought this offer is really good working out at 40p per packet.

Vegetable and Flower seeds.

Types may vary slightly from picture.
New season stock - Best before January 2013
All are foil packed for freshness and have full instructions of when and how to plant on the back of each packet.
There are 8 types of flowers and 22 vegetables in each.

To view and look at other options. 30 Mixed Vegetable and flower seed packs - 2013 Date

Vegetable seeds.
Carrots, spinach, lettuce, spring onions, cress, swede, Peas
Rocket, sweet pepper, Strawberry, Chilli, Beetroot, cabbage, sweetcorn,
Ideal selection to start off your own home vegetable plot .
Spinach - Medania - 300 seeds Older open pollinated variety, with good quality yields, slow bolting.
Lettuce - mixed - 500 seeds for salads and also garnishing. Carrot - cosmic purple - 800 seeds - unusual coloured carrots.
Spring onion - White lisbon - 1000 seeds Delicious with salads Cress - common variety - 1000 seeds Quick and easy to grow indoors.
Swede - Best of all - 250 seeds Purple top variety. Medium sized roots with a mild flavour. very hardy and holds well.
Rocket - Cultivated - 1000 seeds Easy to grow variety that Produces an abundance of spicy leaves.
Sweet Pepper - Californian wonder - 40 seeds Thick-walled red and green sweet peppers. Open pollinated variety, producing blocky, square-shaped fruits.
Strawberry - Yellow wonder - 10 seeds Best tasting yellow fruits. sweet tasting and aromatic Rare. Tasty white-yellow berries that do not attract birds.
Chilli - Ring O Fire - 15 seeds - A mass of long thin pointed pods which mature from green to red and are very HOT!
BEETROOT - An excellent resistance to bolting with the colour and the flesh as good as Detroit. Sweet fresh flavour. Smooth-skinned roots of fine colour.
Cabbage - Ormskirk - 100 seeds - Savoy type, open-pollinated with good cold tolerance. A reliably hardy savoy with typically crinkled leaves. Ideal cabbage to grow for christmas.
Sweetcorn Minipop - 20 seeds - The baby sweet corn that is popular for stir fry and salad dishes. This variety does not require sowing in blocks, an ideal variety for mini veg.
PEA - petis pois - waverex - 200 seeds - Produces a heavy crop of tiny peas. Masses of pods are produced containing tiny incredibly sweet flavoured peas.
CARROT - early nantes 2 - 1000 seeds - A fast maturing selection with medium length roots of good internal colour.
Price: £9.99
Good price. Take a chance.15 packs of vegetable seeds - SWEDE, CARROT, PEPPER etc

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