Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burns Supper at The Bear Tavern

Tomorrow is Robert Burns day 25th, Scotland's famous Poet, yesterday it was celebrated in Newburgh,North Fife, organised and catered for by Stella Colleluori of A wonderful and relaxed evening enjoyed by all.

The Bear Tavern 47 The High Street, Newburgh, venue for one of the thousands of Burns Suppers taking place in the world now.

A taste of the evenings events.

Jim Stout who played the Haggis in and more.

Scottish Bagpipes played by HM Queen Elizabeth 11's personal piper, Jim Stout at The Bear Tavern Newburgh North Fife.

Happy banter with the smoked salmon canapes.

After Cock-a-leekie soup.

Can't wait.

There you have it. Haggis Neeps and tatties with a most amazing creamy whisky sauce.

Stella chatting with guests.

Main course.

Getting in to the main course.

Wonderful sweet desert. Tipsie Laird or Cranachan.

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