Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken. We have this delightful dish about 4 times a month.

Tandoori chicken. Really easy to prepare and cook. Clay oven not required, any oven turned up to maximum will do.
Joint free range or any chicken or meats come to that. Make cuts rub in a little salt and juice of a lemon.
To make marinade.
Blitz together half an onion,
A good inch of peeled Ginger root,
6 or so Garlic gloves,
A large spoon of Tandoori Masala spice powder,
1 green or red chilli according to taste,
10 ozs or so of Greek style yoghurt.

Mix and coat the meat and refrigerate over night is best/ shorter or longer is fine too.
Place in pre heated oven near the top over a wire in a tray, the collected juices are lovely mopped up with the naan bread. Enjoy, it's very more-ish.

Guacamole salad as an accompaniment with lime juice dressing and naan breads.

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Anonymous said...

Tandoori Chicken looks yum and mouth watering.