Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tayviews 26th January 2011

A warmer day, so I wandered down to the the riverside, rather greyish but never the less a pleasant walk. The path forms part of the Fife Coastal Walk which will eventually join up with a similar development by Perth County, bridging the River Earn all the way to Perth.

Looking West into Perthshire, you can notice the confluence of The Earn and Tay from the left.

From Newburgh River Tayside looking East to Dundee.

Tayview looking towards Perth from bankside Newburgh North Fife.

Reeds grow on the interface of The river Tay and the land, much used in the past to thatch the houses in Newburgh and environs, later replaced with slate as the prosperity of the area grew.

Vibrant green mosses on the boundary wall of Mugdrum House.

Tayview looking across to Mugdrum Island from the Northern most part of the Fife Coastal walk.

The Bear and Ragged Staff cut into the hillside at Parkhill farm Newburgh. Part of the Earl of Warwick coat of arms who once owned this part of Scotland in the days of Lindores Abbey.

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