Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hednesford Hills Raceway

The circuit was built in 1952 utilizing the site of a former reservoir.

The circuit is a major venue for a number of hot rod and stock car events in the UK, with many formulas of racing being staged at the circuit. Stock cars in Britain evolved by the 1970s into purpose-built single-seater "specials" of enormous power and sophisticated construction. By the 1990s the sport's top competitors were investing many thousands of pounds in their engines and chassis, backed by sponsorships. In addition, the circuit is regarded as one of the best banger racing circuits in the UK, with a number of National level banger race meetings being staged at the circuit every year. The circuit has also staged short-circuit truck racing events, and annually holds a large firework display, which is popular with local people.

Hednesford Hills raceway, spring 1973. Mid race. At the same event were figure of eight destruction derby happenings where the last one running takes the prise.

Cars about to perform.

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Dave B said...

How strange that you should use these two pics on your blog - because I am on both! On the paddock shot I am standing on the left in my 'rally jacket' and on the track shot I am in the pale Westminster (No 90). I was 18 years old then. How time flies!