Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fish Fight Scotland

Fish. Most of us love to eat fish, here in Scotland the surrounding seas contain a huge variety of fishes. problem is that because of the common market fishing policy and the quota system, massive amounts are discarded, 50%+. A crime, an insult to life. A total waste. I personally have often chosen the odd whole fish displayed in the fishmongers window, there for decoration. Oh what people miss, on asking the price servers would have to consult, OK mate, a quid. Not valued by the main stream, there to be taken by a steal. I really hope this push by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall brings results so we will be able to have a sustainable food supply without waste.
A petition is being raised, Please join.
As others will know I live on The River Tay Estuary where a fish called Sparling, European Smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) thrive, it smells over-poweringly of fresh cucumber. Sparling was previously known to occur in a number of Scottish rivers and populations have been recorded as having occurred in the Rivers Almond, Annan, Bladnoch, Clyde, Cree, Dee, Esk, Fleet, Forth, Girvan, Lochar, Nith, Stinchar, Tay and Urr Unfortunately, sparling have now disappeared from almost all of these rivers, with the rivers Cree, Forth and Tay being notable exceptions.
Nobody fishes for them anymore, a shame. A balance is required, of species, of what we eat, it leads to a healthy diet and hopefully long life. it's all about food miles too, buy and eat local.

Better use being made of discards.

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