Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vulcan Jet Bomber North Fife

Vulcan Jet Bomber today flying over north fife out of RAF Leuchars. Vulcan XH 558 is the only flying example of this aircraft having been restored at a cost of over £7 million. Vulcan XH558 roared into the air again on Thursday 18th October 2007, a perfect day for flying. An unforgettable day for the Vulcan to the Sky team. A great British project, owing its success to optimism, determination, teamwork and a little bit of paranoia! I remember when I worked in Lincoln 1968/69 the job required a weekly trip to Scunthorpe following the ridge past RAF Scampton, on a few occasions one of these beasts would pass just a few feet overhead and I would involuntarily cringe at the wheel of my car. The enormity, noise and vibration and the road being in a small cutting it was a very sudden experience. Aghhh

This hot air balloon occupies the same airspace that the vulcan had used earlier that day. Amazing the Vulcan may be but given the connectivity of drifting with the wind silently, going with the flow except for the odd blast of the burner. I prefer the balloon.

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Zax Artisan said...

A cracking photograph of a finely restored aircraft. Thankfully it never dropped the weapons it carried. I will show this to my uncle who served in the RAF.