Friday, September 04, 2009

Full Moon North Fife

Full Moon tonight North Fife. After so much rain and cloud it was a joy to be able to see the moon. It's influence upon life and tide is huge in a physical/behavioural way and changes with each phase. One way of understanding these influences is through astrology. To gain insight one could study the book below or ask any lunatic.

Product Description
"This book teaches you everything you need to understand the
influence of the moon"

Spirit & Destiny
"you'll feel like magical secrets have been shared with you by the
time you reach the final pages"
Buy now. The Secrets of Moon Astrology: Using the Moon's Signs and Phases to Enhance Your Life


Zax Artisan said...

Hi Peter, As a retired police officer I can attest to the strange physical influence that the full moon can have on people.
Dennis (Zax Designs)

Abbotsinch said...

"ask any lunatic"

LOL :)