Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newburgh Orchard Group Moth Night

Newburgh North Fife Orchard Group Moth Night in collaboration with The Fife Ranger Service met today to inspect the light traps. The light given by mercury vapour bulbs radiates in the ultra-violet spectrum which is irresistible to moths. They spiral in, drawn down a funnel and find rest under egg trays to hide. In the event it was a cold night with few moths flying and the mornings yield was meagre.

Identifying the few which had arrived.

The books were out to find the appropriate name.

Along with the many children present us oldies inspected. I myself since childhood have been fascinated with moths some of which are quite extraordinary and beautiful. Below is a book that illustrates some of the many different kinds.

This is a great practical solution for every moth enthusiast. The guide has all the illustrations of the classic "Field Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland" but in a portable wiro-bound format with concise descriptions opposite the plates, all contained in a durable PVC wallet. Nearly all the resident and migrant British and Irish species of macro-moth are described and illustrated with superb colour artworks by Richard Lewington, showing the moths in their natural resting postures. Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

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