Friday, September 04, 2009

Sunflowers North Fife

Sunflower North Fife. All my life I have been attracted to this wonderful flower, absolutely delighted to witness fields of them in France. The seeds and oil are much used as food for human consumption and for field margin sowing where game birds are reared. They provided rich inspiration to Vincent Van Gogh whose paintings are known worldwide. The book below follows that trend.

Sunflowers, a novel by Sheramy Bundrick. In her knockout debut novel, art historian Bundrick (Music and Image in Classical Athens) brings Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and personal story to vibrant life. While Bundrick takes many liberties (recorded in an author's note) in her fictionalized account of Van Gogh's affair with her narrator, fille de maison Rachel Courteau, she gives Rachel such a believable voice that the proceedings seem genuine. At 35, Van Gogh meets lovable spitfire Rachel while surreptitiously sketching her in a garden. Having taken refuge in an Arles brothel after the death of her parents, Rachel greets Van Gogh as a customer not long after, and soon feelings blossom between them. Visiting friend Paul Gauguin and the cloud of Van Gogh's madness undercut the couple's bliss, as do financial troubles and Rachel's life at the maison, where she's kept a virtual prisoner. While infusing well-known historical moments (like Van Gogh's infamous self-mutilation) with vivid details, humanizing Van Gogh and putting his famous works in context, Bundrick generates an impressive volume of suspense, delight and heartbreak. To be published this October. See:-Sunflowers

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