Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Simply Magic North Fife

Simply Magic at the Steeple, High Street, Newburgh North Fife. Mary-Ann Orr is Artist in residence at the WASPS Artists studios and is offering these courses. I have a studio in the same building, hence the connection.

A demonstration thread artwork by Mary-Ann Orr who tutored the participants below.

Recycling is simply magic. Here showing the rich palette of textures and colours gleaned from recycled fabrics and work in progress by participants.

Thread Art Illustration by Liz Lindsay.

Thread Art by Debbie Seargent with inspirational postcard,

Thread Art Illustration by Paula Garrow.

Three other courses follow:- Textile transformation for fashion accessories. Learn how to de-construct recycled textiles and fibres and make your own fabric, You will make your own samplers and choose to make into a bag. We use the technique of melding, free motion stitch, embroidery, cording and more. 2 day course, Sept 13th-14th 15th. contact. orrgallery@gmail.com

A Wand in the wardrobe- wearable art- learn how to transform the old into the new. you will be taught the basic techniques of deconstruction of textiles and fibres. Then using multiple free motion stitch techniques you will re-construct the textiles into a panel of a new garment. You will make a light linen summer top with a thread art collar. 24th, 25th,&26th.contact. orrgallery@gmail.com

The Fine Art of Thread Art.
You will be shown how to transform 'virtually anything that can be stitched down' into a 'painting'. (approx 350mm x 450mm). Mary-Ann will show you how to enlarge and prepare a design, design considerations, colour selections and suitability of textiles. Together you will cover the full spectrum of free motion stitches, free motion embroidery, cording, melding and other appropriate fibre art techniques. 6 days. 14th-20th September. contact. orrgallery@gmail.com

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