Saturday, May 29, 2010

Newburgh Scarecrow Festival Celebrating Fife 2010

Newburgh Scarecrow Festival Celebrating Fife 2010.
This the second year running that Newburgh has exercised it's creativity in making scarecrows. This years theme is "It's a small world". The interpretation has been quite varied sometimes literal, sometimes ? Folk art at its finest, well worth a visit. Supported by Fife Council as part of Celebrating Fife. Further examples can be seen in previous posts over the last week.

World contemplation.


Watch out.

Thai boxing.

Bench Party.

Sleeping policeman.

Sleeping cat.

Of one kind.

More fishing.

Me in my Dutch cap.


It was this big.


I'm a coming.

I love perch.

Heh Amigo.

Gypsy rose lee.

It's a Goal.

Ebony and Ivory.


Mark Beaumont's challenge.

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