Monday, December 07, 2009

Where's Wally North Fife

Where's Wally. The incredible paper chase.
The "Where's Wally" series of books have been a great favourite for two broods of my children, the visual inspection required hones the minds observation powers and really is a tremendous exercise in visual perception.
It is the seventh classic title in the internationally famous Where's Wally? series.
The search for Wally and his friends continues through more astounding scenes in this new classic title in the Where's Wally? series. As Wally travels through worlds of dinosaurs, soldiers, clowns and so much more he leaves a tiny piece of paper to look for in every scene. Featuring a fold-out Muddy Swampy Jungle Game - with press out counters and tongue-twister forfeit cards - and a press-out circus for Wally fans to put on their very own show. This is the most interactive Where's Wally? title ever.

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