Tuesday, December 01, 2009

St Andrews November 30 2009 North Fife

Road Closed to the detriment of shops on the west end of South Street St Andrews North Fife.

Well, there I was along with many others in a queue in St Andrews post office waiting to post some letters, Now it's a cold winters day and yet behold the bare legged display as below.

Indeed, it takes all sorts.

St Andrews Castle, a shot taken in the summer at low tide.

St Andrews Cathedral.

St Andrews Cathedral entrance. The Cathedral was once a huge stone construction and in it's day quite something to behold, fortunately the past influence of the church lives on as a centre of education in a secular way in the University of St Andrews.

Gothic window detail South Street St Andrews.

St Andrews day in St Andrews North Fife, Celebrated yes but business goes on as normal, Hogmanay along with Burns Night are probably more indulged.

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JW said...

Hello, really nice to follow your blog and see all those great photos of Scotland. Makes me even feel a little homesick ;-) as I lived for two years in the soutwest of England. Really have to visit Scotland sometimes soon, as I was not able to go there during these two years.
Have a great day! Grettings from Germany