Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow North Fife

Last night in North Fife we had a gentle fall, a mere sprinkle compared to much of southern England where apparently people had to sleep in their vehicles, driving being impossible. Strange, although north fife is 4 to 500 miles further north we have a relatively kind climate. That's for the now.
Tomorrow I journey South to the Borders to visit friends and party, it's that time of the year, Solstice and then Christmas, then Hogmanay. A time of joyfully coming together.
It's a weather dependant journey and normally I turn left at the Leadburn after passing through Auchendinny from the Edinburgh Bypass on the A6094, instead going onto the A701 to Biggar after joining the A702, along here the road runs parallel to the West coast railway line to London where on occasions one can have hand waving acquaintance with passengers as we zoom along together and thence to Abington where we join the M74. A superb stretch of Motorway that meanders through the hills and valleys of Dumfries to Lockerbie. My first call.

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