Sunday, December 27, 2009

Climate Change North Fife

Jim Lovelock is an iconic figure in British science, a prophet whose prophecies are coming true. Lovelock is best known as the 'father' of Gaia theory, which is now established as the most useful way of understanding the dramatic changes happening to the environment of the Earth. Yet, throughout his life - as a student, independent scientist and writer - Lovelock has met with disagreement and disparagement. His drive came from personal belief, curiosity and conviction. He has been right for all his working life and, although it is frightening for us to believe the scenario he describes in The Vanishing Face of Gaia, he is right again.

The Vanishing Face of Gaia is James Lovelock's final word on the terrifying environmental problems we will confront in the twenty-first century. The earth as we know it is vanishing. It is moving inexorably to a new, hot state. The idea that we can "save the planet" by reducing carbon emissions is, Lovelock writes, nothing but a sales pitch. The earth, as it always has done, will save itself. It is up to us to save the human race.
As he approaches his 90th birthday, James Lovelock looks forward to what he describes as "a hell of an upgrade", as Richard Branson is sending him into space with Virgin Galactic, so he can, for the first time, see the face of Gaia.The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning Worth a read.

Climate Change. Going beyond the headlines, this unprecedented union of scientific analysis and stunning photography by leading climate scientist Gavin Schmidt and master photographer Joshua Wolfe illustrates the ramifications of a shifting climate on the global ecosystem. Marshalling data spanning centuries and continents, the book sparkles with cutting-edge research and visual records, including contributions from experts on atmospheric science, oceanography, paleoclimatology, technology, politics and the polar regions. As Jeffrey D. Sachs writes in his powerful foreword, 'Climate Change is a tour de force of public education'.

More and more the topic is being debated, we have our own memories and empirical experience of the way it is. I've lived here in North Fife for 30 years and it has been colder and hotter but at different times. Normally the snows come late January into February or not at all. These unexpected weather incidents cause me to focus my mind on how personally I can lessen my input to carbon exhaust and dependency. Being informed is always helpful in being mindful and this book may steel my and your resolve to do something about it.


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Alaska must face scenario of 'climate change refugees'

Alaska must face scenario of 'climate change refugees'

Juneau Empire

In two recent international news articles about climate change ("How much more proof is needed for people to act" and "Ignoring the future - the psychology of denial"), the importance of facing major issues that will confront the future of the human species were emphasized.

Climate change is indeed an issue that is on everyone's mind today, and while Juneau seems to be far removed from the experts who recently made their way to Copenhagen to try to hammer our blueprints to prevent global warming from having a doomsday impact on humankind, Alaska will be on the front line of these issues.

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