Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Silo Cupar Arts Festival North Fife

Cupar Arts Festival Silo, venue for works by Milton Balgonie & Guests, Ewan Morrison, Kathy Watts and Anton Beaver. On Sunday 25th October Alexander McDonald takes on the silo with a sound performance using the resonate harmonies of the structure and the unique acoustics of the upper space.
Outside, situated on the waste ground that accompanies the silo, Louisa Preston places a large metal structure that happily sits in the space as if drawn onto the skyline.
Louisa’s practice uses architectural forms, with a hint of the domestic, to create sublime forms.
Milton Balgoni hosts the Poetry Slam on the closing evening with a storm of quality poets from all corners of the country and manages to deliver an evening of entertainment
that is not to be missed. Ewan Morrison calls himself recovery addict as he takes care of the audience fatigue at the interval, with a tranquil tinkering upstairs.
Meanwhile the bread is baking outside as Kathy’s performance comes to a conclusion, after the sourdough having cured for a month in the silo.
The fire is built and ready to warm the muscles, with projections and lanterns to finish the event visually.

Donations will be welcomed at the door.

Anton Beaver with his installation on the ground floor level in the giant silo. Magnificent columns which have to support the thousands of tons of sugar or grain once housed in there.

Carousel, an arc of video screens showing a continual barcode motion, a comment on the cyclical nature of food production.

Barcode for Sugar.

Exterior of the sugar silo Cupar North Fife. Formerly part of the sugar beet factory Cupar trading estate.

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