Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day North Fife.

The Earth. This is where we live for now. It needs respect and tender loving care.
Blog Action Day North Fife.

Climate change, Global warming yes the times are a changing. As individuals What can we do?
We live in a totally imbalanced world of extremes, riches/poverty, have and have nots, health and disease, no rain/too much rain, Violence/peace, happiness/anger,etc. The human condition.
None of us are separate, we are part of the whole. This is explained well in the Gaia principle.
How is it the now?
Polar ice melting far quicker than previously predicted, Acidification of the oceans with the loss of whole eco systems, Glaciation retreating world wide, copious river flows with flooding now adding to sea levels, what when there is no ice melt left to irrigate? Already massive famines are occurring causing the migration of millions of peoples. What are we actually doing about it? Global procrastination.
A huge shift in focus is needed, away from consumerism, material growth and the rapacious despoliation of our world.
For us to adequately adapt to the changes taking place deep respect for life in all of its forms is urgently needed.
We fiddle as Rome burns possibly leading to the extinction of Homo Sapiens along with the myriad of other creatures.
A total commitment to a sustainable way of life is imperative.
On a local level grass roots developments are forming. Transition Towns for instance. A main object is to reduce the dependence on oil, food miles and power companies. Wiki Page.

Think Globally act locally.

It's quite possible that sheer survival will be the name of the game for most of us. Civilisations come and go, what a crying shame we risk ending this one through exploitation, inattention and lack of care.
It beggars belief that those with vested corporate interests in the continuation of our present lifestyle deny that climate change has anything to do with our behaviour.

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Lauren said...

Definitely something to think about.
Everyone of us are responsible for the existence of mankind, lets make a difference. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Lauren du Preez