Thursday, October 01, 2009

Red Stars White Flowers North Fife

Red Stars White Flowers North Fife. An exhibition of 1980s Chinese Propaganda posters in the Steeple Arts Project space, The Steeple Newburgh North Fife.

Red Star White Flowers. The posters are divided into 4 basic groups.
Mao 14
Motherland 15-24
Models 25-30
Morals 31-75

Translations of each poster is provided to inform on the viewing.
The Exhibition is open daily
12 noon to 4 pm, 1st-11th October.
Admission: Adults £1 Children 50p

Eddie McGuire and Ingrid Hass await introduction.

Lifang Lamb being happy. It must be Karma. Both Lifang and Ingrid worked at the same teaching academy in China but only met in Fife Scotland.

Deep inspection.

Exhibition opening.

Display of contemporary children's school books, abacus and wee shoes.

Eddie McGuire playing Chinese Bamboo Flute.


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Peter Mannox said...

You Have not missed, the opportunity remains until next Sunday :-)