Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Elderberry Wine North Fife

Elderberries, a most extraordinary fruit that is much overlooked. One can make:- jams, tarts, fillings, wine. The wine can be very very nice and yes, I've made it often.

The country kitchen cookbook.
Written for all cooks who would like to stock their store cupboards with homemade and wholesome food, this book combines the best of the old ways with the advantages of modern methods and gadgets. There are clear, practical instructions on a range of activities, as well as 250 recipes.The Country Kitchen

The Author,
Jocasta Innes was born in China and by the age of 15 had visited nearly every continent in the world. With a background of travel, her approach to cooking and food is catholic and international. Today she is best known for her range of paints and chain interior decorating shops, Paint Magic. She is also the author of a string of books on housekeeping and home decorating.

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