Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pittenweem Arts Festival Fife

Pittenweem Arts Festival 2009. For the first time ever I visited this truly wonderful display of artworks and events. Below are just a few of the venues, approaching 100 in all. If you appreciate arts and crafts, it's really worth a visit.

Angie Turner at venue 33.

Elaine Allison at Venue 33

Naboland To partake visit the site. Venue 30 at Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Reinhard's coat which features in his exhibitions.

Reinhard Behrens gleaming in in his in-house installation.

A water colour with Reinhard's submarine and Tibetans. Titled The Long Goodbye.

Margaret Smyth at Venue 30 with an oil painting by her of a view from a room above.

Kerstie Behrens tucked away in the garden shed.

Hamish Stewart Venue 63 images showing with Ian Rolland water colours. Accommodation in Pittenweem.

Susie Lancome at venue 80, really excellent linocuts and collages, worth a view.

Susan McGill at Venue 80 Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Tracy Butler at Venue 28 Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Josephine Gillespie at Venue 69 Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Gill Smith at Venue 76 Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Gill Smith with artwork.

Robert Melville Photographs. What a delight to come across Robert's exhibition of truly wonderful photos. Taken locally and depicting the rich images found usually very early in the morning, of storms, sun rises over Anstruther and Pittenweem, wildlife included. Truly worth a visit, displaying a sensitivity and appreciation of what is. The sort image I would be really happy to have taken myself. Robert is outside the main event, on the fringe but can be found at, 15 Abbey Road, Pittenweem, KY10 2NB.

Pittenweem looking North from the car park.

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Julie Broom said...

Great post. Now I have something to refer people to when I'm trying to describe Angie's stunning paintings from the festival! Lots of other great pictures too.