Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mushrooms North Fife Aug 2009

Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe, a fantastic and informative book. Someone borrowed my copy and I'm at a loss to properly identify the fungi below, perhaps you may know.
A reviewer said, This photographic guide by Roger Phillips was a wonderful book when it was published first, and still is one you must have if you're interested in mushrooms. I have a lot of photographic mushroom books in my library, and, nearly twenty years after its publication, this one has one of the highest standards in colour illustrations of fungi. The mushrooms have been photographed on a pan, not in the woods, but this only helps you to better see the features of each species. The identification of species - unlike other recent guides - is nearly perfect and stands very well after almost two decades. All in all, a very complete and magnificently illustrated book to start identifying mushrooms.Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe (A Pan original)

The largest is about 25 cm across, slug eaten.

We are at the beginning of the mushroom season, so it's eyes peeled and out looking.

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