Thursday, August 20, 2009

Budzi North Fife and Edinburgh

Mary Ann Orr and Lauren duPreez excited at moving the Budzi project onwards in North Fife and The Edinburgh fringe.

BUDZI. (Zulu for goat) Is an outreach program to provide transformational experience for disadvantaged people of the Eastern Cape South Africa.
Goats,which provide meat and milk to the indigenous peoples, are a sign of wealth. Enterprises have started where hitherto the skins were discarded,now collectives have been trained to tan and dye the hides. This product along with found fabric and recycled material is being combined creatively to produce the bags using the thread techniques inspired by Artist Mary Ann Orr. It is a win win situation, participants gain skills, exercise their natural creativity, waste is reduced and above all self esteem is induced through productivity, much improved economic income resulting in happiness.
Now what can be better than that?

This work can be seen and purchased at The Edinburgh Fringe.
Market Stall 1, Parliament Square. Royal Mile from 22nd - 31st Aug.

Treat yourself to a practical work of Art.

Happy Ladies.

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