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Laing Museum Newburgh North Fife

Laing Museum Newburgh North Fife

The stairway to plenty, plenty of information and objects of interest. Fife Museum service also provide genealogical information accessible in the Laing Museum.



THIS PARISH, containing the Royal Burgh of Newburgh, forms the boundary of the County on the north-west border. It is of a very irregular form, a portion of it lying along the margin of the Tay, while the remaining section stretches to the south, across the ridge of the Ochils. The whole has the appearance of an ill-shaped boot, or of the letter L, inverted. The portion which stretches along the Tay is about two miles in length, by scarcely a half in breadth; while the other portion is nearly three miles in length from north to south, by three quarters of a mile in breadth. It is bounded on the north by the Tay, on the west partly by the parish of Abdie, and partly by that of Abernethy in Perthshire, and on the south by Abernethy, Auchtermuchty, Collessie, and Abdie. The northern section is a beautiful level along the shore of the Tay, where the town of Newburgh is situated, and which is finely wooded in various parts of its surface. The southern portion, which occupies the ridge of the Ochils, is an alternate series of hills and valleys ; the former in one place, Craigsparrow, rising as high as 600 feet, and in another, the Blackcairn, 800 feet above the sea. The soil of the flat district is a very fertile clay, equal to that of the best parts of the Carse of Gowrie ; while that of the upper district is, for the most part, either a loose black loam, or a more compact ferruginous mould ; and, although shallow, is very fertile. The prevailing rock is trap. The whole area is about 1100 acres, of which about four-fifths are under cultivation, about 40 acres are occupied as orchards, and the remainder is either pastoral land, or waste, or under wood. The orchards owe their origin to the Monks of Lindores. The Parish enjoys good sea-ward communication through the port of Newburgh; and it is traversed by the turnpike road from Cupar to Perth, and by the Perth fork of the E. P. & D. Railway, which has a station at the town. More.

There are many 19th century book cases containing contemporary tomes, all accessible.

Newburgh High Street, locating the Laing Museum and Public Library.

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