Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Poplar Hawk Moth

Every year at this time I play particular attention to the Poplar tree in the garden and every year so far I have come across the caterpillars of the poplar Hawk Moth. They are well camouflaged but not enough to escape predation from birds. This year along with Puss Moth caterpillars they were got. This example is of last year.
Poplar Hawk Moth at rest which is how you will normally find them. A male, smaller bodied and larger antennae. Here in North Fife I have witnessed in the garden, Large and Small Elephant, Bee, Hummingbird and to my absolute delight Convolverlus Hawk Moths.

A wee book that might inform more on British Hawk Moths. Hawk-moths of the British Isles (Shire Natural History) .
North Fife History. Cupar: A History History of North Fife Cupar. North Fife Property. Tour Scotland. North Fife Maps. St.Andrews and East Fife: Cupar, Anstruther and Crail (Explorer) Rent a Cottage in North Fife Scotland.

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