Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Otters North Fife

Otters North Fife. Where there are otters there will be fish, where there are Herons there will be fish, where there are fishermen there might be fish. Anyway, a while ago, in the car we met this otter on the road about 1/2 a mile from the river Tay, much as I tried to avoid it we collided. Here in a state of Rigor Mortis the otter sits. We decided to bury it to later retrieve the skull, this after consulting French cookery books (as like the Chinese) seem to eat anything. Inedible was the answer. Within a day or two a fox came along, dug it up and ate it. There is no accounting for taste. No skull, no otter.

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Anonymous said...

I work in kirklcaldy at a flour I'll I was night shift last night when I saw an otter walking up from our new mill and in to the small river that runs down the side off the mill on looking down the river I could see the footprint in the silt.