Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dorje Palmo North Fife

Dorje Palmo North Fife. Dorje Palmo is the feminine wrathful deity in the Tibetan Buddhist way of seeing things. As the posts unfold over the next few days, esoteric aspects of my work will be revealed. This object, actually called a gau is worn over the heart centre and engraved with images integral to the purchasers inherent qualities, their meditative realm. Below is the Mandala to Dorje Palmo. Everything within the engravings is there for a reason. The garland of 32 flowers, the garland of 51 heads, the sun and moon discs, the knife, the landscape in fact all has meaning. There is a huge amount in there. To find out more and discover the true nature of mind, many find instruction at Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre.

It is important to recognize the power of our emotions--and to take responsibility for them by creating a light and positive atmosphere around ourselves. This attitude of joy that we create helps alleviate states of hopelessness, loneliness, and despair. Our relationships with others thus naturally improve, and little by little the whole of society becomes more positive and balanced. - Tarthang Tulku.

For many people searching for ways to improve the qualities of their lives, Openness Mind clearly explains the value of meditation and how to proceed with its practice. Defining meditation as a way of opening our minds to the richness of experience, this book emphasizes a practical approach that anyone can apply to develop awareness, transcend the limitations of self-image, improve concentration, and effect positive changes in their way of being. Tarthang Tulku offers exercises to expand our understanding of reality and the nature of mind, and engages questions commonly asked by beginning meditators.

"By means of meditation we can teach our minds to be calm and balanced; within this calmness is a richness and a potential, an inner knowledge which can render our lives boundlessly satisfying and meaningful. While the mind may be what traps us in unhealthy patterns of stress and imbalance, it is also the mind which can free us. Through meditation, we can tap the healing qualities of mind." Tarthang Tulku. .Openness Mind (Nyingma Psychology Series)

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