Tuesday, December 25, 2007

North Fife Upper Flisk Crows on Christmas Day

North Fife Upper Flisk Crows on Christmas Day. Every year crows arrive en masse, swirl and burrel about, call and view each other.
In my life I have had many close encounters with crows. In Tibetan Buddhism Crows make the sound of the Dharma, Buddhist teaching. Ka, first letter of the Alphabet contains Ah, sacred syllable corresponding to the throat centre. Many years ago, I was commissioned to design and make a prayer wheel for a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and during the process a crow would wake me by banging on a window of the house. Sometimes I would try to surprise it, it usually caught me out. Now this bird would even enter an open window and strut about on the design drawing, it had a wee white tuft of white feathers on its breast. This apparently signified it belonged to the pantheon of protectors, Mahakala, the Great Black. Anyway the prayer wheel was completed and the crow went away, until later when repairing one. So, for me the sight and sound of crows is something else.

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