Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kilmany North Fife Jim Clark Memorial

In Kilmany North Fife Stands a Memorial statue to Jim Clark who was Born in the village 4th March 1936 and Died Hockenheim 7th April 1968.

Jim Clark: Life at Team Lotus, it is a feast of previously unseen photographs from the mid-1960s when the Scottish maestro was at the peak of his career. It features over 250 stunning black-and-white photos of the two-times Formula 1 World Champion in action on the track, as well as in and around the paddock during his most successful period 1964 to 1967. All the pictures were taken by Team Lotus official photographer at the time, Peter Darley, and represent some of the very best images from his personal archive. The majority of these images have never been on public view before, and they provide fresh insights into Clark s - and the team s methodology, demeanour and race prep. Every picture tells a story, so they say, and Darley s photographs feature the amiable Scot with team members including Lotus boss Colin Chapman. A wide variety of paddock scenarios, reveal intimate moments and thus the psychology between Team Lotus personnel when relaxing, as well as anxieties in the moments leading up to and during the race.Jim Clark Life at Team Lotus .

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