Saturday, December 22, 2007

KT Tunstall North Fife

KT Tunstall grew up in St Andrews North Fife. Drastic Fantastic .
As the sleeve of Drastic Fantastic, a shot of a wildly posing Kate Tunstall, suggests, the Scot never expected to find herself following up a multi-million selling debut. But her second official album, again produced by Steve Osborne, is an impressive piece of work, edgy enough to please those who delighted in her gleeful live shows yet suitably smooth for fans recruited via radio play. Unsurprisingly some of the songs on Drastic Fantastic is can be read as musings on fame, notably the catchy first single "Hold On" and the cleverly constructed Sixties-style pop of "Hopeless". Elsewhere "White Bird" is haunting and downbeat, while the propulsive "folk-punk" (her phrase) of "I Don’t Want You Now" is apparently intended as a musical tribute to Tunstall’s obvious precursor, the late Kirsty MacColl. The excellent ‘Saving My Face’ welds a moody stadium rocker to a chord progression familiar from the chorus of Slade’s timeless "Cum on Feel the Noize", a neat trick which pretty much encapsulates Tunstall’s ability to combine the fragile and hearty in equal measures. By the time the understated, quietly epic "Beauty of Uncertainty" and the accordion-led "Paper Aeroplane", a quirky folk song not miles from her erstwhile comrades in Scotland’s amorphous Fence Collective, bring proceedings to a close, the listener’s relief is palpable. Making an intelligent, radio-friendly pop album with a real heart is difficult enough once, but managing the trick again proves her talent is genuine. --Steve Jelbert
'Drastic Fantastic' is the second album from Scottish folk-pop singer-songwriter KT Tunstall. Continuing in the same vein as her previous 'Eye To The Telescope' LP, this release features the single 'Hold On', and is again produced by SteveOsborne, who is notable for his work in the dance world. There are discernible progressions in Tunstall's musical prowess, here employing lead guitar and ukulele for the first time, as well as a greater reliance on re-creating her live sound. Drastic Fantastic: Music: KT Tunstall

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