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The River Dee Braemar Perthshire Scotland

Fife Arms
Historically the village is situated in the upper end of the historical Earldom of Mar or literally the Braes o' Mar – Wyness (1968). In Scottish Gaelic, Bràigh Mhàrr (upland of Mar – Watson (1975)) referred to the general locality rather than the village itself. The use of Braemar to specifically refer to the village dates from around 1870 Wyness (1968). Before then two independent hamlets existed on the banks of the Clunie Water named – on the West bank – Auchendryne, and – on the East bank – Castleton the name referring to Kindrochit Castle rather than Braemar Castle Wyness (1968).

The ruin of Kindrochit Castle is on the East bank of the Clunie Water slightly upriver from the bridge in Braemar. The name Kindrochit (bridge end – Watson (1975)) is the source of the name Castleton being (Bail Chasteil – Watson (1975)).

The names Auchendryne and Castleton are still clearly marked on the current Ordnance Survey maps below the larger and bolder Braemar.

Into the 20th century the village was more-or-less completely owned and divided by the adjoining estates of Mar – Auchendryne, and Invercauld – Castleton. To some extent the inter-estate rivalry lead to the building of the Fife Arms Hotel in Auchendryne, and the Invercauld Arms Hotel in Castleton. Interestingly – the Invercauld Arms was built over the mound where John "Bobin' Jock" Erskine, 6th Earl of Mar raised the Jacobite standard in 1715 Wyness (1968).
Auchindryne (to use the spelling from Wyness (1968)) from ach' an droighinn – field of the thorn belonged to a branch of the Farquharsons until it was forfeited in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. Later that century is was acquired by William Duff, 1st Earl Fife.
In 1795 a Roman Catholic chapel was built on the high-ground to the west of Auchendryne giving the name to Chapel Brae which, according to Wyness (1968), was being used as a school.
About 1870 Auchendryne and Castleton amagamated to become Braemar.
The River Dee rushes past the Fife Arms Hotel Braemar in the Scottish Highlands.

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I always thought Braemar was in Aberdeenshire, Loved Braemarused to be sent from Archibalds of Aberdeen to repair the carpets at the Invercauld Arms Hotel.