Sunday, August 19, 2007

Newburgh Waterfront North Fife

Newburgh Waterfront North Fife. As a symbolic act of renewal a boat was burned to clear the site of unwanted clutter in a start by Newburgh Community Trust to assert itself. Newburgh Fire Brigade were in attendance to assist in the combustion. ( often thought that fire fighters are closet arsonists ). From the ashes a Phoenix arises. The legend of the Phoenix has been around for centuries. There are a few variations, but the basic idea is this: The Phoenix is a supernatural creature, living for 1000 years. Once that time is over, it builds its own funeral pyre, and throws itself into the flames. As it dies, it is reborn anew, and rises from the ashes to live another 1000 years. Alternatively, it lays an egg in the burning coals of the fire which hatches into a new Phoenix, and the life cycle repeats. Basically regeneration. A meeting is to be held in The Tayside Institute, Newburgh 22nd August 07 at 7-30 pm To move matters forward. Feel free to attend.
The Ashes.

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