Monday, August 27, 2007

North Fife Fruit Preserves

I have no hesitation in promoting this publication. More and more there is a trend to home produce quality preserves as an alternative to commercial pap, North Fife has many suppliers of locally organically grown foodstuffs and long may it continue.
PRESERVE Author: Nick Sandler, Johnny Acton
'A stupendous book.'

'One of the best books we've seen this year.'
Time Out

Why preserve? Because preserving makes food taste great, is cheaper than shop-bought versions and ultimately because it is addictive - once you begin, you will soon discover a reluctance to return to inferior, mass-produced food.

Preserved is a panoramic introduction to a world that will consume and seduce you. It shows you how to dry meat and herbs, salt fish and cure ham; how to build a smokehouse and smoke your own salmon; how to make sausages, pickle eggs, bottle fruit and much, much more. Accompanying the techniques are over 60 recipes to help you bring out the best in your damson jam, home-made chorizo and smoked oysters.

There are also entertaining tales about the history of preserving, including the story of the American World War II pilots who made ice cream by tying cartons of the mixture to the tails of their planes. Preserving is like alchemy. It is about transforming food. Creating individual food that you will enjoy not only because it tastes so good, but because you have crafted it, tailored it to your own palate and then waited for it. But above all, preserving is fun.

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