Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leaping Salmon Scotland

One of the most popular beauty spots in Perthshire, The Hermitage is an outstanding grove of giant trees beside the waterfalls, rapids and swirling pools of the River Braan. The Hermitage is in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.
What you see today is a picturesque landscaped `wild tree garden` created by successive Dukes of Atholl. Visitors today can marvel at a oak, rowan and Scot's Pine and also see one of the tallest trees in Britain – a majestic Douglas fir measured at 64.5metres (212ft) and still growing at the side of the `black pool`, near to the bend in the river. The `black pool` is so named because as the waters calm down after thundering through the falls, their peaty content makes them look black – a strong contrast with the foaming white water higher up river.Above the waterfall is the romantic folly known as Ossian’s Hall. This 18th century summerhouse once had mirrors covering the walls and ceiling to reflect the waterfall and create the illusion of water pouring in all directions! Today the mirrors are gone but it’s still a superb viewpoint. Also look out for Ossian’s Cave, a dark little vault, constructed as another folly. A small 18th century bridge crosses the River Braan just beyond the amphitheatre of great trees and a number of delightful footpaths stretch out in the woodland beyond. From late summer into autumn salmon can often be seen jumping up the waterfall.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine any salmon getting up those falls. Incredible!

I was also at a site in Perthshire this week, and saw this amazing natural spectacle for the first time ever, at a place called Buchanty Spout near Crieff. It was a great opportunity to get really close.

If you're interested, there is a video on my blog here: