Friday, August 02, 2013

Tayview July 31st

Tayview July 31st. Low water exposing sand banks on this glorious sunny day, millpond calm. I particularly like the shimmering light surrounding Mugdrum Island and Islets, the rich coloured quickly ripening barley in the foreground and what you can't see, the wonderful warmth from the sun.

These waters once provided rich pickings in wild salmon and sea trout, no longer netted, the rights having been bought by fly fishing interests up stream where huge sums are charged to fly fish. Often the salmon are returned, the angler having enjoyed the adrenalin rush of fighting a wild creature. I can see little point in causing such distress for pleasure. It takes all sorts.
The river abounds in Sparling, Eels and immature Cod, flatfish, all of which are no longer harvested. As an omnivorous being I miss the bounty the river could provide. I enjoy to look at it though. Today quite tranquil.

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